Friday, November 22, 2019

Genealogy Karma

Sometimes, it all comes together at once!!

Have been in a bit of a rut, research wise......not sure what to search next, no new records to tackle, etc.  So I decided to go back to an old question a cousin had asked me to look into regarding her Great Uncle Michael Walsh.  He had come to the USA in 1895 or so, and never been heard of since, although there was some rumor that he died young in an accident or was shot by the police.

In revisiting what I'd researched, I found a few new clues -- and sent them along.  When she asked me what relation I was to this cousin Michael Walsh, I paused and though - wow this would be my Grandmother's 1st cousin.  I had assumed this was a relation on my cousins other side, that didn't connect to me.

That fired off a memory of my Grandmother's Sister listing a "cousin" Michael Walsh on her passenger list in 1904, as the relative she was going to.  At the time I thought, oh right -- how on earth will we ever figure out who this cousin Michael Walsh is, such a common name, it could be anyone!  Now I think this Michael Walsh is one and the same! 

So searching for my cousins question, helped me resolve one of my brick walls!

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