Sunday, February 9, 2020

When your lines inttersect.....unexpectedly!

Well, it was bound to happen........two lines of my ancestry intersected in a most unexpected way! 

I was searching the descendants of a JELLARD line from the South Hams of Devon.  The descendants went to Victoria, Australia..  While searching Agnes Paige Jellard (my 4th cousin 4x removed), I found that she married John Richard Tozer Potton.  Their son Earnest Walter Potton married Henrietta (Hetta) Elizabeth Trudgeon in the early 1900's in Victoria, Australia.

Well the name Trudgeon was familiar to I went searching and found her Father Richard Trudgeon was born in Sancreed Cornwall....and his parents were Gregory Trudgeon and Jane Trezise.

When I checked my Family Tree I found Jane Trezise -- she is my 3rd cousin 4x removed.  (Actually doubly related through both Rodda and Shetford lines)

So now I have my Devon and Cornwall lines connecting with:

Earnest William Potton (5th cousin 3x removed)   marrying
Henrietta "Hetta" Elizabeth Trudgeon (my 5th cousin 2x removed)

Of course, this has led me down the rabbit hole of tracing the Trudgeon, Bottrell and Shetford families of Cornwall --- when I was originally working on a Devon and Australia connection! Such is the life of a genealogist!

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