Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Toulson UK-USA connection at long last!

There is a branch of TOULSON's in Georgia, USA.  I dismissed them as not related to my branch from Lincolnshire, England a long time ago.  I wrongly assumed they were related to the Colonial Era Toulson's from Maryland/Virginia, that were related to a London branch of the TOULSON's.

About 2 years ago I had a very small DNA match to one of these Georgia TOULSON's, and upon investigation found that he also matched a few others on my direct line.  The only clue was his date of birth on some Civil War records, where he stated he was born in 1827 in England.  Because of the DNA match, I knew he was from Lincolnshire, but couldn't locate a baptism for him.

Today, I stumbled across a William Toulson baptised in Grantham, Lincolnshire in Dec 1831 to Elizabeth Toulson.  He was illegitemate, and her residence was listed as Little Gonerby.  This all aligns nicely with the DNA and my Family Tree.  This Elizabeth is a sister of my GG Grandfather Michael Toulson.  She was born in 1807 In Barkston, Lincolnshire, and my Michael was the next born in 1809.

It would make sense that in 1831 she would be working in Grantham probably as a 21 year old Servant.  Little Gonerby is a village near Grantham, very close to her birthplace of Barkston. Perhaps she didn't want to go home and have her illegitemate child baptized there.  In 1834 she married James Newton and went on to have 5 children.  There is a William Newton living with her family in 1841, which is clearly William Toulson. He's gone by 1851

UPDATE:  I found a William Toulson b England, a waiter, age 21 listed on a ship from Bremen to New York in 1854.   Not sure if he was working as a waiter or just travelling, but most passengers were Prussians.  The timing makes sense....

I can't believe that I've finally found all this documentation to tease this connection out! Very exciting!

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