Saturday, January 4, 2014

Re-visiting old names & old lines.....never a waste of time!

Christmas and New Years holidays always mean I manage to find some time to get back to genealogy. This year is no different......

Not having any real plan of action, I started by roaming through the British Newspaper Archive, looking for Elson/Elstone entries.  Lo and behold, came across this interesting tidbit:

Grantham Journal, October 7, 1871:
Fulbeck - Affiliation -- John Henry Tripp of Binbrook, was charged by Elizabeth Elston of Fulbeck, for arrears in bastardy, an order of 2 shillings per week having been made by the Magistrate on the 7th October 1870. The cost of order, &c,. at the time, amounted to 5 Pounds, 14 Shillings, 3 Pence, and the defendant not having paid anything since the birth of the child, on the 1st Sept 1870, she now summoned him for arrears.  Defendant said the reason he had not paid was because he was not the Father of the child. The whole amount was now 10 Pounds, 11 Shillings, 9 Pence, and defendant requested to be allowed to write home to friends and obtain the required amount. He was ordered to be detained into custody for 3 calendar months for the first amount of 5 Pounds, 14 Shillings, 3 Pence.

This led me down a path of exploration, as to the life of Elizabeth (sadly she died a year later) and her son Harry Thomas Tripp Elson Moore (he used the surname of his Father, Mother, and Uncle who raised him).

Looking for poor Harry after his Mother's death, led me to find him in the 1881 and 1891 Censuses living with his Mother's Sister. This clue led me to her married name(s), which I had heretofore been unable to find.

So from one article about a bastardy order, I discovered:
  • a new ancestor, my 1st cousin twice removed - Harry Thomas Tripp Elson Moore
  • the death date of Great Grand Aunt Elizabeth Elson
  • the marriages of Great Grand Aunt Anne Elson to William Moore and David Bates

Another line that I hadn't looked at in a year or so, was the Carew family in Devon, one that has always proved hard to research, as there is a very wealthy Carew family (with lots of records), and my family which was poor and clearly not related to them!

I trolled through Ancestry and ran across Priscilla Carew (my 1st cousin 4 times removed) and there were lots of hints about a marriage to Stephen Wasley and their emigration to Adelaide, Australia.

South Australian Register Wednesday 17 July 1850
Tuesday, July 16 — The brig Phantom 156 tons, Brown, master, from Sydney 24th June. Passengers — Mrs Evans, Mr Barton, Mr Arnold, George Knight, James Edwards and son, Stephen Wasley wife and child, John Anderson, and James Martin.

How had I missed this before? Had I discounted it, as not her?  On second review, it was definitely her and WOW......that opened a can of worms! I spent ALL DAY working on her MANY descendants, and still have more to do.  Luckily the Australian branch of the family had lots of documentation and photos!

Just goes to show that re-visiting some old names and old lines, can prove fruitful. There are always new links, new sources, and possibly new connections you hadn't previously investigated.

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  1. Great start! Keep at it. Those frequent flyer miles will.come in handy for all the new Aussie records you will be wanting to look up. I'm sure another trip down under will not be the *worst* thing on your agenda;)