Wednesday, February 3, 2016

RootsTech 2016 -- Research Day

So in advance of #RootsTech, I spent Wednesday in the Family History Library.  I went with a couple things to look at, and ended up spending 10 hours researching!!

Spent the morning organizing all my various Hurrell notes.....I had scraps of paper, various Excel files and other notes about the Hurrell's. I finally put them together, organized into families, etc.  I also found 2 great "Friends of the Devon Archives" documents --- they had a listing of all the people who signed a "Loyalty Pledge" to King George I in 1723.  Found my William Hurrell of Sherford and others.  They also have listings of people who were taxed to support the Militia, prior to 1723 -- and again found my William Hurrell of Sherford (6th Gt Grandfater).   I need to explore both these resources further as there are many other family names (Nathanilel Shepherd of Stokenham for example).

After lunch I tackled Mary Rodda marrying Richard Firstbrooke/Furstbrook on Dec 30, 1815 at St Erth.   I had my doubts that this Mary Rodda was really mine from St. Just in Penwith --- but after much tracking, I found an Ancestry tree that had her dying in Madron in 1855, after her husband had died previously.  When I checked the 1851 Census for Madron, lo and behold, there she was living with an Elizabeth Warren (wife of Archaleus Warren).  Mary was listed as her Sister, and both were listed as born in St. Just in Penwith!!!!  YES!  The connection was complete, and proved Mary's marriage in St Erth to be true.

From there I followed down the lines of both Mary and Elizabeth's families.  Lots of movement to Australia and New Zealand!!

I also found my 9th Gt Grandfather!!!  I was searching Elizabeth Nicholls born 1743, and found her parents, which led me to John Lean born 1622 in Uny Lelant, my 9th Gt Grandfather.

My 6th Gt Grandmother was Jane Curgenven!  What a unusual name.  She had a sister Tamson Curgenven -- now that is a genealogists dream, unusual!!!

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