Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Hurrell Family -- is it all becoming clearer?


Oh this family!!  Just a common enough name in the South Hams area to be frustrating. Too many similar names, too many disappearing families.....

Some family names just seem to hold your attention and interest.....and this is one of them.  Every time I go back to work on it, I am frustrated.....yet I come back, always in hope that maybe today I will make some breakthrough, find a new record that will make everything clear.......when will I learn, this family is here to test my patience!!!???

Update from Salt Lake City at RootsTech:
After some solid quiet research time, and discovering some interesting new records produced by the Friends of the Devon Archives -- I think I may be getting a clearer picture of where the various Hurrell families were in the early-mid 1700's.  

I found my 6th Gt Grandfather William Hurrell of Sherford, signing a loyalty pledge to King George I in 1723.  I also found him paying to support the militia around this time also.   There are similar entries for Roger, Richard, John Hurrell in a variety of villages.  At least this helps me place them as living in these villages at this time, and then I can be sure and attach the marriages/baptisms/burials I've found to the right patriarch.

I also had another look at some Land Tax record films for Devon at the Family History Library and those also help place the Hurrells at specific localities over the course of time.

This is truly a case where a good Excel spreadsheet will help me sort out my work and see things more clearly!  I think I will still have to make a few assumptions and leaps of faith as to how some of the families connect (or don't connect) -- but my proof points will be stronger with what I've found here in Salt Lake City.

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