Saturday, November 17, 2018

Double 6th Gt Grandparents

Well, I suppose it was bound to Cornwall ancestry is from about as far West as you can go, in the parishes of West Penwith.  I can trace my family back to the mid 1500's here, so I suppose it isn't surprising that with that small of a gene pool, that I have discovered that 2 of my 5th Great Grandfathers are brothers!  Thus their parents, William James and Ann Perrow are my double 6th Great Grandparents!

Edward James line goes down into my WHITE line, and his brother William James goes down into my RODDA line.   Eventually Thomas WHITE marries Elizabeth RODDA in 1833, these are my 2nd Great Grandparents.

I've been going back through my direct lines, and realized I hadn't fleshed out the JAMES line, as there had always been a question in my mind about my WHITE family connection to the JAMES.  After finally accepting that ANN JAMES and THOMAS WHITE were the parents of my 3x Gt Grandfather EDWARD WHITE, I decided to go back up ANN JAMES line -- this is what led me to the discovery of ANN's father EDWARD JAMES, who turns out to be a brother to my already known 5x Gt Grandfather WILLIAM JAMES.

This caused no end of confusion as I kept seeing that EDWARD JAMES parents were WILLIAM JAMES and ANN PERROW.  And I just knew I'd seen those names before!!  Luckily I use capital letters to designate my direct ancestors, so I found them in my tree -- and then put it all together.

Sometimes these double relations can throw you for a loop, or you believe you are off a generation, but upon closer review, it's a case of Pedigree Collapse!

And now back to tracing the rest of the JAMES family!

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