Thursday, March 5, 2015

Here's a colorful ancestor!!! John Mabbot, divorced by wife for taking up with her niece!

My Mabbot family from Lincolnshire isn't too remarkable -- most of them stayed in Lincolnshire, worked the land and had lots of kids. So, as I was going back through some of the family research that I had done long, checking for new records -- I stumbled across an Ancestry hint for John Mabbot, for a Divorce in London in 1874.

Divorce? In 1874? And in London?  This seemed like it couldn't possibly be my family......

Turned out it was a VERY interesting story! He was living in London in 1871, where he was a Horse Keeper, but his wife is listed as Jane.  The divorce document was filed by his wife, Mary in 1874, and details some pretty appalling behavior on his part --- drinking, physical abuse (including trying to strangle her in bed), desertion,in 1862, etc.

But the real shocker was that he had "habitually committed incestuous adultery" with Jane Gaby, Mary's niece.

Hard to say what the real story was -- but ultimately John and Jane had 5 children and married in 1875 after the divorce was final. Four of their children were born before the marriage, and one after. John lived on to the age of 76, and Jane to age maybe they ultimately had a happy life.

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