Saturday, March 12, 2016

The ancestors are talking to me......

Sometimes it seems that the ancestors are reaching out, showing me clues, making themselves known...and as we approach St. Patrick's Day, my Irish side is in full action mode!!

The DNA results for my two Irish Aunts came in this week, leading to lots of matches, many that I already knew, but further sleuthing and triangulations need to be done!

I've had numerous promising DNA hits this week, including a 3rd cousin (our TOOLE Gt Grandmother's were sisters, born in 1860's) -- and both our families settled in San Francisco (wow!)

Another DNA hit on the NEE name is very promising, leading me to Turlough, Rosmuc.  More sleuthing needed, but this is quite promising as I've never been able to pinpoint this family line to a place!

An old Facebook message via the Galway Genetic Genealogy group, has also led me to a 3rd cousin on the WALSH side.  I spent two hours messaging back and forth with her, exchanging old photos and information!  And of course the inter-connected ness of Connemara shows up, as that family of Walsh's seems to have married within their own clan quite a bit!

Some lovely new photos, and promised help to uncover unknown faces in another photo.

Walsh sisters in Boston (my 1st cousins 2x removed)

Amazing how the Irish Diaspora is as strong as ever, and with technology we can connect ourselves and keep that family contact across the generations, long after our ancestors left Eire.

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