Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A proliferation of JENKINS

Sometimes you have to go back and revisit your direct lines to see if you've missed anything.  I did just that earlier this year, and found a 4x Aunt, Elizabeth White, that I had never fleshed out.  I didn't have a marriage for her, and she disappeared from records.

With the help of DNA and Ancestry's new Thru Lines feature, everything pointed to this Elizabeth White marrying an Emanuel Jenkin in 1805 in Madron.  So I started adding the children and descendants....

Little did I realize this would be a HUGE project!  Emanuel and Elizabeth had 10 children, each who lived to adulthood.  They each went on to proliferate the Madron/Newlyn/Mousehole area with over 700+ descendants.

I was recently in Cornwall and went to the Paul Parish Church (this is the parish church for Mousehole), and found a few Jenkins in the large cemetery there.  The descendants were primarily fisherman, and were lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

Thankfully the name Emanuel carries down through the generations, as does Jenkin as a middle name. It has been an amazing experience to add SO many new ancestors, who are such close cousins.  Elizabeth White's brother Edward White (b 1773 in St Just in Penwith) is my GGG Grandfather.

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