Wednesday, July 24, 2019

RootsTech London - Research Opportunities

RootsTech is coming to London October 24-26!!!  The learning opportunities are amazing with all the classes on offer.  But what about extending your time in London and visiting some of the amazing archives, repositories and museums?

I've researched in London many times over the years, and in particular at:

  • The Society of Genealogists in Central London
Understanding the historical context of your ancestors lives adds much to your research.  Understanding what was happening at the time, can help explain some unusual surnames, family movements to new cities, etc.

The National Archives at Kew is well worth the visit, and it's a lovely day out of Central London. In particular I have researched Royal Marine records there, and was lucky enough to have found my GG Grandfather's Royal Marine attestation from 1837 - which gave me his birthplace (a village I hadn't researched), and a physical description.  It was amazing to be handed this piece of history to look through!  

So get yourself registered for RootsTech London in October, and let the research begin!

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